From Pastor Ristow . . .  

As I see it, I have only this one opportunity to reach you, the reader. When you have only one opportunity, what do you say?

You say what needs to be said.

At Zion, by God’s grace, we take a firm stand on what the Bible says (the book in which God himself speaks to us). At Zion we cannot apologize for sin or excuse it or minimize it in any way. Otherwise people who sin (all of us, actually) would never think to reach out for someone who cares about them enough to rescue them.

And at Zion we cannot – and will not – apologize for the fact that Jesus is the one and only Savior from sin (and death and Satan and hell). There is no other, nor can there be.

I want you to know – and believe both of these truths – whether you attend this church or join this congregation, or not.

I can tell you that the doors of Zion are open to you – any time. You will not be looked down on because of your past or present history. We so want you to know that your past, and present, and future are safe in the hands of Jesus alone.

That’s my one chance. And I pray you know and believe these truths.

For more specifics about what we believe,
please look under "We Still Believe".

-Pastor Stephen Ristow