Church Leadership


The continuing purpose of this congregation . . . as a gathering of Christians, is to serve all people in God's world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ on the basis of the Holy Scriptures. To this end, Zion has an elected a Church Council, who use their God given gifts and abilities to carry out the responsibilities given them.  

As presently constituted, the Church Council of Zion consists of the five officers and the chairman of the six boards (listed below), in addition to the pastor and principal. The chairmen of the committees are advisory members of/to the Church Council. The Church Council meets monthly or as business requires to weigh matters pertaining to the welfare of the congregation and the church at large, to draft recommendations for consideration by the congregation, and to carry out such other duties as may be prescribed by the constitution, the by-laws, or by resolution of the congregation.

President:                      David Van Slett
Vice President:              Dennis Rasmussen
Recording Secretary:    Mark Hahm
Treasurer:                     Tim Toepel
Financy Secretary:       Tom Siegel

Board of Education:
   Dr. John Freese (Zion School Principal)
   Jeremy Schabow (chair)
   Pete Booth
   Brian Mangan
   Grant Hultman

Board of Elders:
   Walter Gross
   James Hahm
   Dave Fronk

Board of Evangelism:
   Ed Horn

Board of Stewardship:
   Harold Kluender (chair)
   Mike Meyers

Board of Finance:
   Rick Bull
   Keith Dieball
   Kevin Dieball   
   Eugene Gilbertson
   Paul Leverence
   Dave Matz
   Dave Plamann
   Bruce Stichmann
Board of Trustees:
   Craig Eisenhut (chair)
   Steve Pertzsch