Zion Library

 Mrs. Paula Siegel & Mrs. Mary Ott

"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom." Proverbs 1:7

We have 1,000 books, 100 videos, 55 CDs, 60 DVDs, and 5 cassettes.  We have grown considerably from our start of 41 books in 1993.  Our books, catalogued with the Dewey Decimal System, are also color-coded according to categories for your convenience.  The CDs are in racks according to the numbers atop one of the library shelves.  The DVDs are in a rack on the desk at present.

All Zion members are welcome to check-out items.  We recommend that library books be returned in two weeks.  You may renew them, however. CDs and DVDs should be returned in a week, if possible.

The latest WELS Yearbook is in the library to help you find a place to worship when traveling.  All WELS churches, schools, and pastors are listed along with addresses, phone numbers, and times of service.  Teachers and retirees are also listed.

We strive to keep wholesome, God-pleasing literature in our library for your enjoyment and spiritual edification.  Come in and browse at your leisure.  Questions and suggestions are welcome.