3- & 4-Year-Old Pre-K

 Mrs. Beth Gross
 Email: bgross@zionhartland.org

Zion's pre-kindergarten for three and four year olds meets on Monday - Friday. Parents have the option to have their child attend two, three, or all five of the those days.  The children attend class from 8:20 a.m. to 11:30.

3 and 4K Curriculum
The mission of Zion Lutheran School is to teach our children that Jesus is their Savior!  To accomplish this in the 3K/4K room, the children are taught Bible stories from the Old or New Testament every day. 

Language, reading, and literature are incorporated into every subject area. The children are introduced to all 26 letters and sounds.  Basic pre-reading skills taught to the children include retelling a story, answering comprehension questions, using their reasoning skills, and recalling basic information.  The children are introduced to a wide variety of story books.  Oversized books, listening stories, nursery rhymes, finger plays, songs, and puppets are also used to enhance learning.

Social Skills are taught throughout the day in fun and educational ways. Center time gives the children the opportunity to work in small groups on a variety of activities, including art, math, writing, science, dramatic play, building blocks, music, and much more.  Following rules, making good decisions, working quietly, cooperating within a group, interacting appropriately with others, showing courtesy, and sharing with others are also encouraged every day.

Children learn about math, social studies, and science daily by exploring unique places and aspects of God’s world.  Topics covered include student safety, holiday celebrations, community helpers, good manners, the five senses, animals, weather, water, and calendar time.

The fine arts are incorporated every day.  The children enjoy going to the kindergarten room for music class.  They have opportunities to sing songs of praise to God in the classroom, in worship services on Sundays, and during Chapel services conducted here at school on Wednesday mornings.  Because children enjoy creating art, they are introduced to a wide variety of media, including crayons, paint, chalk, and much more.  In addition, a wide variety of art projects are presented during the school year so each child will develop fine motor skills such as cutting, pasting, coloring, and drawing.

Physical activities help develop and strengthen the large muscles.  The children use a variety of objects, such as bean bags, hoops, balls, parachute, and scooters. They also enjoy climbing and sliding on the play structure, learning to throw and catch, and riding bicycles and other riding toys.