7th and 8th Grades

 Dr. John Freese
 Email: jfreese@zionhartland.org

7th & 8th Grade Curriculum

Religion lessons are taught two days a week and follow a topical approach to Bible study. The titles for one year are as follows: 1. Chosen by God: A Bible Study on 1 & 2 Peter 2. World Religions     3. God's Gift of Sex  and  4. What is Truth?  The titles for the second year are 1. Learning to Know Jesus the Christ: A Bible Study on John's Gospel  2. Christians in a World of Many Cultures  3. How Can I Make God-pleasing Decisions About...  and  4. God's Plan to Gather Bless, and Keep His Elect: A Bible Study on Ephesians.Christ Light for grades 7-8 is composed of three components: Christ Light, Catechism, and Hymnology. 

Catechism is taught by Pastor Ristow two mornings a week.  This is a class where children learn about Christian doctrine by studying the six chief parts of Luther's Small Catechism. This class also leads to the rite of confirmation for Zion's member children and for those children who would like to become communicant members of Zion.  

Hymnology is a once-a-week class and is taught by Mrs. Kari Hahm. Students take a closer look at a hymn from our hymnal, Christian Worship, with the goal of understanding the hymn's meaning and committing a portion of it to memory.

Math instruction in grades 7-8 uses the Saxon Math curriculum.  Students are placed into one of three levels, depending on their ability.  Math 87 is typically a seventh grade textbook.  Algebra 1/2 is a pre-algebra text used for advanced seventh grade students and eighth graders who plan to take Algebra as a freshman.  Algebra 1 is reserved for any eighth grade student who has completed the Algebra 1/2 book as a seventh grader.

The Social Studies curriculum follows a two-year rotation.  The students study World Geography one year and World History the following year.  Science is also taught in a two-year rotation and includes Earth Science and Life Science.

STEM education has been added as a component of our Science curriculum.  Students in grades 7-8 participate in
 Gateway to Technology classes, the Junior High component of the Project Lead the Way curriculum. The two one-year courses offered include 'Design and Modeling' and 'Automation and Robotics'.

The Language Arts curriculum includes Literature, English Grammar, Creative Writing, and Spelling.  Some of the novels read in Literature class relate to the subject matter simultaneously being studied in Social Studies. The Grammar and Creative Writing components of 7th and 8th grade language arts are taught by Mrs. Carmen Ristow.

Music class is taught twice weekly by Mrs. Kari Hahm and incorporates music theory, singing, and music appreciation / history. Art is a weekly class taught also by Mrs. Kari Hahm that allows students to develop and demonstrate their creativity.

Physical education class meets twice weekly.