Tuition & Fees - 2019/2020 School Year

Zion Lutheran School is a Wisconsin Choice School.  The application period for the statewide choice program (WPCP) is February 1 - April 20.  For more  information on the Choice program in general, qualifying income levels, and the application process, please click here.

Zion School Registration Fees
3K-4K (2/3 Day): $100 per child
3K-4K (5 Day):  $150 per child
K-8 students: $275 per child

Zion School Tuition for Zion Lutheran Church Members*
* If you are a member at another WELS church, check with your pastor; many WELS churches have tuition assistance for their members.

3 and 4 year-old Pre-Kindergarten: 
2 Day Program  
$1,350/year       1st child
$   900/year       2nd child
$   700/year       3rd child

3 Day Program
$1,800/year       1st child
$1,350/year       2nd child
$   765/year       3rd child

5 Day Program
$2,700/year       1st Child
$1,800/year       2nd Child
$1,350/year       3rd Child

Kindergarten through Grade 8:
$1,800/year     1st child
$1,350/year     2nd child
$   700/year     3rd child

Zion School Tuition for Community Members
3 and 4 year-old Pre-Kindergarten:
2 day program   $1,350/year
3 day program   $1,800/year
5 day program   $2,700/year

Kindergarten through Grade 8:  
 $6,000/yearper child

*For non Choice program students, up to ten $3,300 one-year grants have been authorized to be issued to
new community studentsmaking the cost of tuition $2,700 per child for these 10 new families!