Zion is a member of the Waukesha County Lutheran Athletic League (WCLAL) and participates in the following sports under the leadership of Zion Lutheran School's Principal and Athletic Director, Dr. John Freese:

Fall:       Girls’ Volleyball
               Boys’ and Girls’ Cross Country
Boys' Soccer 
Winter:   Boys’ and Girls’ Basketball
Spring:   Boys’ and Girls’ Softball
               Boys’ and Girls’ Track                                                                             

The main purpose of interscholastic athletics is for the children to develop their God-given abilities and interests as well as their application of Christian principles in competitive activities. It also serves as a way for the students to learn to work with others in a God-pleasing way.

The interscholastic program consists of two levels - the B Team and the A Team. The student will develop the fundamental skills at the B Team level through active participation. The student will have the opportunity to use those skills in a competitive setting at the A Team level. To reflect the love of our Savior, we strive to portray Christian sportsmanship at all times toward each other, opposing team players, coaches and assistants, fans, and referees, and always respect the property and facilities of others.