Adult Sunday Morning Bible Study

 Leader: Various Presenters
Zion Lutheran School
1023 E. Capitol Drive
Hartland WI 53029
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Meeting Day(s): Sunday
Meeting Time: 9:20 -10:15 a.m.

For our Sunday Morning Bible Study, we have various pastors and teachers within Zion and surrounding WELS congregations come and speak to us on various topics. All of these studies emphasize Law and Gospel and focus on application to our lives as Christians today.

February 24th; March 3rd and 10th
Pastor Mark Schroeder will be leading a study on the topic of "Brotherly Admonition" and will review what God has to say abou thow we can better reach out to those who are straying. What a blessing it is that our Lord has brought us together as a body of believers! As a congregation, we pray for one another, support one another, and serve one another with the gospel of Jesus' forgiveness. One of the other ways God blesses us is that we have brothers and sisters in Christ who are willing to admonish us when we fall short of God's commandments or when we stray from his Word. God gives us a family of believers who looks out for our faith and encouages us, though scripture, to continue to walk wiht Jesus when our sinful nature gets the best of us.  

Please join us!