The Very Best Education

You've heard this before. Maybe you've even said it. "We want the very best for our children."

Amen. That's exactly what you should want.

But that invites the question: "How do you define the very best?" I wonder how many people really sit down and think about what that definition should be. It's maybe a bit more complicated than you think.

The "very best" education isn't quite the same as good grades and test scores. It isn't quite the same as being academically "ahead of the curve." Those things are nice if you can get them... but they aren't worth much in the long run if you don't learn how to live life with strength, confidence, enduring comfort, and compassion for others in the face of life's adversities.

At Zion Lutheran School, your children really will receive the "very best" education, no matter what kind of grades or test scores they end up getting. They'll receive the "very best" education no matter what sports or extracurricular activities they get involved with.

Can I really make that claim so boldly?

Yes, I can.

The "very best" education teaches kids that whatever failings they have, and whatever wrongs they do, there is always forgiveness and unconditional love there for them.

The "very best" education teaches kids the resilience, strength, and humility they need to face life's adversity, both the troubles that come after them and the troubles they get themselves into.

The "very best" education teaches kids that each one of them has received from God particular talents and interests, along with their particular place in life, which give them daily opportunities to be a blessing to their family, their friends, and anyone in their regular, every day life.

The "very best" education inspires kids to use those talents and interests and be that blessing God has designed them to be.

Good grades, excellent test scores,and lively extracurriculars are all wonderful things. However, at the end of the day, they're not nearly as valuable as being filled with the confidence that in Christ Jesus you always have forgiveness, strength, comfort, and confidence. They aren't nearly as valuable as learning how to be a compassionate person who joyfully sacrifices for the good of others. They aren't nearly as valuable as learning the life skills and lessons which equip a person to be a dependable friend or worker, an upright neighbor filled with integrity, an excellent husband or wife, a faithful father or mother.

That's the "very best" education.

At Zion Lutheran School, our kids do get great grades and top-notch test scores. But they get more than that. They get the very best education.

Come tour our school and learn how Zion can give your children the very best.